my birthday is tomorrow and it just hit me that this is the first birthday I’ll be celebrating without my grandfather, since he passed away in August. it was always a birthday tradition for me and my sister that he’d write us a poem for each of our birthdays, usually about what we’ve accomplished in the past year. he first started doing this the day I was born; he was so happy that he wrote a poem about the occasion, then he continued to do so for each of my birthdays and then eventually my sister’s birthdays when she was born, right up until the last birthday we celebrated with him before he died. it was my sister’s 13th birthday party where my sister received the last poem from him. he had an aneurysm and died just a week later.

and sitting here thinking about it now, I can’t imagine having my family come over tomorrow to celebrate my birthday and not have my grandfather walk in the door with a brand new poem to add to the collection. I actually didn’t cry that much when he died for some reason (I don’t think it ever really sunk in tbh), but thinking about this now I’m in tears. I think I’m only starting to realize now how much I really miss him. I wish more than anything he could still be here so I could receive another one of his poems, because no matter how many great gifts I’ve received in the past, his poems were always the thing I cherished most.

  1. houka1numuta said: *hugs tightly*
  2. yourlilemogirl said: Aww honey, I too know the pain of losing a grandpa. It always stuck with me that the last birthday my grandfather got to celebrate was my own (he died just 3 days before one of my cousin’s birthdays). *sends all the <3 & love 1 can possibly muster*
  3. trainer-t0uko said: I am so sorry I know how that must feel, this was the first birthday I spent without my grandmother she passed away too I know it must be hard but it is your birthday it’s a day of celebrating I hope you’ll be able to spend it happily.
  4. memoriescantwait said: I’m really really sorry Dana :( I was never close to my grandparents, so I can’t quite relate, but I can sympathize, and there are definitely some traditions with them that I miss. Anyway, I hope you have a happy birthday otherwise, fellow Aries.
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